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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Nayanthara in Telugu movie Tulasi

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Tulasi is about a young man of the same name. Tulasi (Venkatesh) hails from a village where faction clashes decide the fates of people. Though highly educated and an architect by profession, he finds himself dragged in to one such skirmish that snowballs in to a major embroilment around which the entire plot of the movie rivets.

But Tulasi is in love with a girl (Nayanthara) that he befriended on a trip to the USA. They get married. For her he is willing to sacrifice anything, even violence at the cost of getting beaten up badly. He gives up violence when his wife disapproves it strongly. And moreover, they have their first baby boy. For the sake of family Tulasi stays away from violence totally.

Just when everything is going smoothly his brother-in-law gets involved in a brawl. Tulasi finds himself again in the thick of action. His brother-in-law gets killed in the fracas. And in anger Tulasi kills the guy that killed him. The plot thickens now with gangs from Rayalaseema to Bangalore getting involved in seeking revenge.

Since all these happen right in front of Nayanatara, she takes away the baby with her and asks Tulasi to stay away from them. She does this for the sake of the baby boy. Which right thinking mother wouldn't do that? Whether she lets Tulasi into her life again? How does the boy try to bring his parents together? Does the little one succeed in his efforts? The movie holds the answers.

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